Marvel disbands its movies and shows

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The Future. After dominating pop culture for over a decade by creating the ultimate franchise, Marvel has admitted that there’s such a thing as too muchworld-building. So, now, its movies and shows won’t be so interconnected. The strategy mirrors Bob Iger’s larger overhaul of Disney’s film and TV divisions… which could lead to a new burst of creative risk-taking at the Mouse House.

Keep it small screen
Marvel announced that, moving forward, its movies and shows would no longer be connected in a way that required you to watch everything to keep up with the overarching storyline.

  • The shows will now exist under the newly created Marvel Television banner (which, yes, is the same name as the old Marvel Television banner), starting with the WandaVision spinoff, Agatha All Along.
  • Brad Winderbaum, Marvel’s head of streaming, television, and animation, said that the change should help the brand reconnect with casual fans and spotlight how each Marvel story can be geared toward different audiences and encompass varied genres.

The change comes after Marvel ramped up production of its movies and shows to pump Disney+ with content — a move that made keeping up with every Marvel title start to feel like homework to audiences.

That volume of content also hurt the quality of the productions, stretching executives and crews thin in an effort to make deadlines — deadlines that couldn’t be moved because of how all the projects were set up for the next installments. Under that pressure, things started to feel a bit less than super.

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