Metaphysic is helping stars own their AI likeness

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The Future. Metaphysic, the AI company behind @DeepTomCruise and the de-aging VFX for Robert Zemeckis’ upcoming film Here, is rolling out a tool for talent to create and copyright their digital likeness. CEO Tom Graham has been showing off the possibilities of the tech by undergoing the process himself… though it’s unclear if Graham ever did receive copyright on his double (it’s complicated). But if he did, the company may be pushed into the spotlight, as the use of AI remains one of the key sticking points in the ongoing actors strike.

Copy copyright
Metaphysic released a new tool that could allow anyone to copyright their AI clones (which, yeah, feels like something right out of a sci-fi movie).

  • Metaphysic Pro allows anyone to make a digital double of themselves and “personally register their copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office.”
  • It also provides a platform to “create, store, and protect their personal biometric data and manage how it’s used by third parties and generative AI to build photorealistic performances, digital identities, and AI avatars.”

In other words, it’s a suite of tools for consent and compensation when it comes to a person’s likeness being used in any AI context — you just need to make a clone in order to unlock those protections. How’s that for a chicken or an egg debate.

Metaphysic says stars like Tom Hanks, Octavia Spencer, and Anne Hathaway are already users of the tech. To note, they’re all CAA clients, likely due to Metaphysic’s strategic partnership with the agency

So, don’t be surprised if CAA leads the charge on getting Hollywood talent scanned and secured as studios experiment with how AI can be leveraged for their productions.


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