TikTok collabs with Billboard on a top music chart

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The Future. TikTok and Billboard’s new Top 50 list is the first to track music engagement on the app. While it only charts US listenership, a worldwide rollout is inevitable. But more importantly, the chart is another step in TikTok’s plan to become the home for discovering and monetizing music online. 

Short-form hits
TikTok and Billboard are cementing their relationship to measure music popularity on the app.

  • They’ve launched a Top 50 chart that’s accessible on the TikTok app and on Billboard’s website.
  • The songs are selected by measuring the number of videos made with them, how many views they’ve received, and the amount of user engagement.
  • The chart, which will be updated every Thursday, only takes into account songs played by US-based users.

The first chart, which dropped yesterday, was led by Sexxy Red’s “SkeeYee,” which is no surprise for the TikTok sensation who’s been opening for Drake on his tour.

Prepare for this chart to become the hot list to track Gen Z listening trends.


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