WPP is going all in on AI

WPP is tapping Nvidia to give creative teams access to generative AI tools.

Together with

The Future. WPP, the largest ad agency in the world, is partnering with Nvidia on a full AI makeover with the hope of making a lot more content for much cheaper. Quality questions aside, the push for AI-generated ads could set a precedent of cutting humans out of commercial production and putting far more work in the hands of fewer creatives.

Advertising assembly-line
Apparently, AI is the new ad man.

  • WPP is tapping Nvidia, which just hit a $1 trillion market cap due to AI bullishness, to give creative teams access to generative AI tools and infrastructure.
  • The tools would be able to source images from databases like Adobe and Getty Images.
  • With AI, WPP’s hope is that it can create full ad campaigns “more efficiently and at scale” — i.e., quicker, cheaper, and much more of it.

So, what does that actually look like? A demo from Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang showed an AI generation of a car driving through a desert and noted how that car could be put in different cities or terrains with a few clicks. To WPP and Nvidia, that means a suite of commercials are created that service different regions — the car is simply a template.

And if you want to customize that content for different socials, the AI will apparently be able to do that too.


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