Nike boots up a metaverse

Nike is creating its own metaverse world within Roblox.

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Nike boots up a metaverse


The Future. Nike is creating its own metaverse world within Roblox. Dubbed “Nikeland,” users will be able to run, jump, and play… as they run, jump, and play in real life. By combining the physical and virtual, Nike may be hoping to keep actual physical activity alive as the metaverse glues people to their chairs.

Welcome to Nikeland
Nike wants its own piece of the coming metaverse.

  • The brand is launching Nikeland on the Roblox platform.
  • It’s modeled after Nike’s headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.
  • The world contains buildings, arenas, and fields where users can compete in various “minigames,” such as dodgeball, tag, and “the floor is lava.”

And, of course, users can purchase virtual Nike merch — such as Air Force Ones and the Nike Tech Pack — that can be worn by their avatars.

Mirror movements
The coolest part about this whole thing is how Nike is syncing up IRL activity with virtual activity. Using the accelerometer found in mobile devices, motions done by athletes in real life translate to their avatars in Roblox — allowing users to compete physically and digitally at the same time.

Additionally, Nikeland will be accessible as an AR experience via a Snapchat lens at Nike’s upcoming House of Innovation event. It’s all part of Nike’s ambition of “turning sport and play into a lifestyle.” In an increasingly digital-first world, Nike wants to make sure it’s still at the forefront of “activity.”


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