Pearproof rewards your posts going viral

Pearproof allows users to mint their social media posts as NFTs.

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Pearproof rewards your posts going viral


Future. Social media collaboration marketplace Pearpop is launching an app called Pearproof, which allows users to mint their social media posts as NFTs. Why would people buy these? Pearpoof allows the original creators to set rewards for the NFT holder when the post goes viral (such as access to the creator). If Pearpoof takes off, social platforms may create their own version of the feature so they can reap the benefits, instead of a third party.

Like, share, NFT
What if you could get rewarded when someone else’s tweet, Instagram post, or YouTube video goes viral?

  • That’s the idea behind Web3 app Pearproof, which has backing from investors like Alexis Ohanian, Mark Cuban, The Chainsmokers, and Snoop Dogg.
  • It allows people to mint NFTs of their social media posts, set a tier system of rewards for the post hitting certain milestones (number of likes, shares, etc.), and then sell them.
  • The platform’s algorithm then keeps track of those posts actually hitting those tiers and doling out rewards — like an NFT holder getting access to a private Discord channel.

The NFTs will be minted on the Solana blockchain, and Pearproof takes a 10% cut when a creator sells it. In every subsequent transaction, the creator will take 10%.

Battle of the platforms
Pearpop and Pearproof Chief Product Officer Ray Lee said that the app “allows us not only to establish ownership, but also to be able to actually link their web2 metadata to make the NFT dynamic.”

When a creator sells a dynamic NFT, the buyers (probably fans) become investors in the success of their post, and are rewarded with access to that creator in some form. Granted, the creator is starting a situation where other people now have a stake in their post going viral and will probably act accordingly. That’ll make the internet… interesting.

Pearpop actually launched in 2020, and the social NFTs represent a new revenue stream for the company, which originally started as a way for celebrities to sell collaborations (like a duet on TikTok) or to create challenges using their songs. Like Pearpop, Pearproof also has big names joining from the start, including TikToker Josh Richards and deadmau5.

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