VR isn’t transporting teens

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The Future. US teens don’t care much for VR. A small percentage actually own devices, and a fraction of that even use them. That’s bad news for Silicon Valley, which has, at this point, spent too much money on R&D just to be met with a shrug from young users. But maybe… VR’s time just hasn’t come yet, and people are simply waiting for the right confluence of comfortable tech, photoreal imagers, and actual interesting content before immersing themselves.

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Investment bank Piper Sandler found that…

  • 29% reportedly own a VR device
  • But only 4% use it daily
  • A tiny 7% said they are planning on buying a device in the future
  • But a whopping 52% were “either unsure or uninterested” in purchasing a VR device

It should come as no surprise that after Meta’s Quest 2 headset failed to meet sales expectations, Meta laid off a major portion of its Reality Labs VR division. Meanwhile, Microsoft recently shut down its social VR platform. 

But with Apple’s headset just around the corner, could it be the one to figure out how to unlock mainstream interest? It might be the tech giant’s biggest gamble in a decade.


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