TikTok lifts professional-dancer discovery

TikTok has opened up doors for dancers around the world,

The Future. TikTok has opened up doors for dancers around the world, changed how gatekeepers discover new talent, and generated new lines of revenue for dance companies. If TikTok goes away, YouTube and Instagram will be waiting for them… but it may be hard to migrate the culture of dance that TikTok was inexplicably built on.

Step currency
TikTok really did revolutionize the pro-dance industry by becoming a hub for…

  • Talent discovery. Agents, workshops, and productions now scour TikTok for untapped talent — a boon for those that don’t live in LA or NYC.
  • Job portfolios. Some casting agents no longer bother with portfolios or websites but instead opt to see someone’s TikTok timeline.
  • Broader awareness. The American Ballet Theatre pays two dancers to film behind-the-scenes content, which has led more people to apply for programs.
  • Song promotion. Artists such as Dua Lipa and Lizzo have used TikTok dances as a key part of their single promo rollouts to help them go viral.

Other than making genuine stars out of household names like Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, the app has also been a direct line to dancers receiving income — enough to tide them over between professional gigs or even quit their day jobs to pursue dance full-time.