Meta shows off its Twitter competitor

The app may be called “Threads."

Together with

The Future. Meta gave its employees a presentation of its Twitter competitor, which is already being coded and will be released sometime soon. While Meta has built a pretty successful business in cloning popular competitors, taking on Twitter — even if it is mired in controversy — may require some novel features that truly make it stand out from the bird app to woo over users.

Sane thoughts
Meta is coming to take Twitter’s nest.

  • Internally codenamed “Project 92,” The Verge reports that the standalone app may be called “Threads.”
  • It will be able to populate new profiles with their Instagram info and following automatically.
  • Profiles will also be interoperable with other platforms via ActivityPub — a decentralized social media protocol that Mastodon also runs on. 

Meta chief product officer Chris Cox said it has already onboarded several celebrities, including DJ Slime. The company is also courting Oprah and the Dalai Lama to join, promising the platform will be “sanely run.”



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