Rivian powers a car dealership disruptor

Rivian disrupts the dealership experience

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The Future. Rivian is hoping to ease people into one of its cars with a new, more relaxed take on the showroom, taking the sleek storefronts popular with EV startups to a new level. By uncentering the vehicle in the showroom and leaning into experiences, people who walk through the “Spaces” may be subconsciously drawn to purchase a new Rivian. Whether that solves the company’s financial struggles in the short term and convinces customers to give a startup a shot is another question.

EV as a lifestyle
Rivian is giving customers a peak under the hood of its new “Rivian Spaces.”

  • The showrooms are more like community spaces, where families can hang out on vintage furniture, host events, plant a garden… and, oh, check out one or two cars.
  • The Spaces also have parts and materials on display, along with materials educating customers on the benefits and ease of going electric.
  • Additionally, employees can help customers plan road trips, which helps people understand Rivian’s unique features and “demystify” what EVs are capable of.

The flagship location just opened in NYC’s Meatpacking District, with additional locations set to open in a former movie theater in Laguna Beach, California, a former gas station near Yosemite National Park in Groveland, California, and in Austin, Texas, which will have views of downtown and access to offroad trails.

But for those that needed a Rivian right away, the company sold excess inventory from its factory parking lot in Normal, Illinois. Call it physical DTC.

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