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Roblox Builds Metaverse with Educational Video Games in Schools_ The Future Party

Roblox builds an education curriculum

Roblox Builds Metaverse with Educational Video Games in Schools_ The Future Party
Roblox // Courtesy of Filament Games

Roblox builds an education curriculum

The Future. Roblox invested $10 million in three educational games — the company’s first foray into non-entertainment content for the platform. The move is meant to help set Roblox up as a metaverse where users can play, work, and do everything in between in a digital environment. Soon enough, virtual classes may take place on Roblox instead of video platforms like Zoom… and become a lot more interactive.

Game time is in session
Roblox wants to go where the majority of its users spend the majority of their day: school.

  • Roblox announced that it has invested $10 million to develop three educational games aimed at middle-school, high-school, and college students.
  • One of the games teaches robotics, a second is centered around space exploration, and a third explores concepts such as computer science, biomedical science, and engineering.
  • The games were developed in partnership with education nonprofits such as Boston’s Museum of Science and education-focused game studios.

Unlike the typical Roblox games, they won’t offer any virtual goods for sale.

The investment is the first time that Roblox — the largest U.S. video-game company — has invested directly in developing games for its own platform. And with Roblox bandied about as a precursor to the metaverse, the company probably wants to show that its platform can be used for more than just entertainment.