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VR Company Spatial is the Airbnb for NFTs

Airbnb for NFTs

VR Company Spatial is the Airbnb for NFTs
Spatial NFT in VR // Illustration by Kate Walker

AirbnB for NFTs

The Future. A VR company called Spatial is diving into the world of NFT art, allowing artists to use their custom virtual reality environments as digital galleries to showcase and sell their creations. Spatial’s pivot may be just the start of a whole movement of companies looking to build new infrastructure for NFT creators.

Bed n’ Bitcoin
Spatial is becoming the “Airbnb for NFTs.”

  • Though it first launched as a VR meeting provider, the brand noticed that NFT artists started using its virtual environments to showcase digital art.
  • The Spatial team reacted quickly, pivoting their business model and building options for artists to integrate crypto wallets and easily pull in their NFT art.
  • Now, the company has become a virtual Airbnb for NFT artists to host digital galleries and sell their art.

Metaverse Monet
The NFT art market is one of the fastest-growing segments of the cryptocurrency movement. However, some critics have brought up concerns that it may be overhyped.

“I think it’s great that some artists are getting well-compensated for their work,” Brielle Garcia, an AR/VR developer, said in a recent interview with TK, “I think many of the real technical advantages that NFT and blockchain provide are being lost in the current gold rush.”

Up next, Spatial plans to sell its own custom-designed virtual spaces as NFTs, or even build out a business model where it acts as an affiliate, getting a cut of the art it sells.