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The White House launches an updated space policy


The White House launches a space policy

The Future. The National Space Council is outlining the Biden administration’s priorities in space. The Milky Way is becoming a battleground for innovation among both countries and companies, and a clear-eyed space policy may be key to ensuring that burgeoning space developments don’t get out of hand the same way earthbound Big Tech did.

Shoot for the moon
Vice President Kamala Harris, who chairs the National Space Council, provided an updated United States Space Priorities Framework.

What’s staying the same from the Trump administration:

  • Continuing investment in the ambitious Artemis program to put a person back on the moon.
  • Increasing use of robotic spacecraft to explore the solar system.
  • Regulating and fostering competition in the private space industry.
  • Investing in protection against security threats in space.

What’s changing:

  • Focusing on using tools in space such as satellites to monitor and combat climate change.
  • Creating an open data platform to monitor the thousands of satellites being sent into orbit.
  • Looking to connect newer generations with potential careers in the space industry via STEM initiatives.
  • Pledging to clean up space debris.

As it stands, there’s no news on whether there will be any changes to the controversial Space Force.