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The shroom boom

Illustration by Kate Walker

The shroom boom


The Future. Oregon is pioneering the legal use of psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychedelic commonly referred to as “magic mushrooms.” How this rollout comes to fruition could have significant implications for the legalization and/or decriminalization of psychedelics on a federal level. The psychedelic renaissance seems well underway.

Trippy times 

This January, Oregon became the first state to offer controlled use of psilocybin for adults.

  • In 2020, Oregon voters narrowly voted for Measure 109, which approves the legal manufacture, delivery, and administration of psilocybin in licensed facilities.
  • This month, the state will begin processing licenses for these activities, granting organizations the ability to set up retreats, facilities, programs, and more.
  • Unlike cannabis, the measure does not allow for the retail sale of psilocybin; consumption can only occur at a licensed service center.

The psychedelic renaissance

Supporters of the measure see Oregon’s approval as a major shift in policy reform. What’s more, other states may be following in its footsteps. Colorado just voted last November to approve Proposition 122, which decriminalized psilocybin and similar psychedelics.

Indeed, 2022 was a banner year for psychedelics like psilocybin, MDMA, and ketamine. Several landmark studies were published showcasing the healing power of these substances in helping treat all sorts of mental disorders — depression, anxiety, PTSD, alcohol use disorder, addiction, chronic pain… the list goes on. Meanwhile, even fashion is bullish on the friendly fungi.

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