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“AgeTech” searches for a mature audience

AgeTech // Illustration by Kate Walker

“AgeTech” searches for a mature audience


The Future. COVID has changed so much that now even older people want to get in on mixed reality applications, play video games, and surf social media. What does that mean for companies? Make sure you don’t leave older generations out of your tech innovations (and marketing). This unexpected trend may be happening because, in a pandemic that isolated so many, tech gives older folks a lifeline to socialization.

“Empowered elders”
Even the AARP crowd wants in on the tech revolution.

  • Market research company Euromonitor put “empowered elders” on its list of top-ten global consumer trends for 2022.
  • Makes sense when among those over 60…
    • 60% visit a social platform at least once a week.
    • 21% play video games.
    • 82% own a smartphone.
  • Thanks to the pandemic, they have also gone digital on everything from shopping to finances to medical care.

Ericsson’s ConsumerLab also found that 7 out of 10 seniors between 65 and 74 wanted to try out AV/VR devices in order to learn a new hobby or skill, while 1 in 5 would use it for a metaverse application, like going to a virtual restaurant.

Time to let grandma use your Oculus.