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BeReal is a real challenge for brand marketing

Illustration by Kate Walker

BeReal is a real challenge for brand marketing


The Future. Brands are clamoring to figure out how they can make a splash on the hottest social platform that’s not TikTok — BeReal. But the problem is that BeReal isn’t quite suited for brands, so the only way they can make a splash (without alienating users) is by leaning into the authentic, of-the-moment aesthetic that makes it popular with users… that is, if brands should even be on BeReal at all.


Everyone wants in on BeReal, but BeReal doesn’t really care if it has everyone.

  • BeReal has a very simple functionality — users have two minutes to take a simultaneous front- and rear-facing photo and then share it with followers.
  • With 41 million new downloads this year alone, brands are keen to get on the platform … even though there’s limited range for them to do anything there, per Digiday.
  • BeReal is not built for brands in its current iteration. Its terms and conditions say that users can’t use the platform for advertising or commercial purposes” and the app itself is not programmed for search and discovery.


It shouldn’t be a surprise  that some brands are getting creative to make a presence on the app before it gets saturated… or worse, unpopular. Companies like Chipotle and e.l.f. Cosmetics created accounts — and have already hit their friend limit, offering benefits like discount codes for products.

Marketers believe that brands may try out things like secret promotions and behind-the-scenes photos — things that feel natural to the platform’s ephemerality. But, the main question is: do users even want advertising on an app that has become popular because of its authenticity?

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