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Bored Apes gas up a burger joint

Bored & Hungry // Illustration by Kate Walker

Bored Apes gas up a burger joint


Future. In Long Beach, California, a Bored Ape-holder opened up a full-fledged burger spot called Bored & Hungry, which provides perks for the entire BAYC community. Bored & Hungry is the debut restaurant of Food Fighters Universe, a group with hopes to create an entire franchise of NFT-backed eateries. With more and more token-backed restaurants popping up, the future of eating may be all the add-ons.

Meta munchies
Bored & Hungry is giving people a taste of the power of an NFT community.

  • Bored & Hungry was opened by Food Fighters Universe (FFS), which consists of collector and restaurateur Andy Nguyen, rapper Bun B, former L.A. Clipper Baron Davis, and other L.A.-based restaurateurs and NFT collectors.
  • The 90-day pop-up (longer if it’s successful) has all sorts of perks for the BAYC community — Bored Ape owners get a free meal, Mutant Ape owners get a free burger, and Ape Coin holders get 10% off.
  • Bored & Hungry doesn’t accept cash — only card, Ethereum, and Ape Coin.

Nguyen, the face of the franchise and creator of California mainstays like Afters Ice Cream and Matte Black Coffee, started Bored & Hungry after acquiring Bored Ape 6,184 for $270,000 and three Mutant Apes for $70,000 each.

Owning a BAYC NFT gives the holder license to use the ape however they want, just like how one holder recently created a cannabis brand called Backpack Boyz.

Community eats
Bored & Hungry isn’t the end-all, be-all for FFS. The restaurant is meant to show the power (or at least the hype) around NFT-based restaurants. FFS plans to launch its own collection of 10,000 NFTs, which will give holders exclusive access to hidden restaurants, free food, and themed festivals.

The collection launches next month, with the eventual resale of the NFTs generating passive income for both the restaurants and the initial buyers. Additionally, 1% of all sales will be donated to sustainability and world-hunger charities, such as Abound Food Care and Action Against Hunger.

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