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Dapper Labs NFT Success Prompts Vision for DAOs

Dapper Labs wants to mainstream tokenized, blockchain-backed communities

Dapper Labs NFT Success Prompts Vision for DAOs
Dapper Labs // Illustration by Kate Walker

Dapper Labs wants to mainstream tokenized, blockchain-backed communities


The Future. NBA Top Shot creator Dapper Labs is launching Dapper Collectives, a company unit focused on building tools to help creators and brands start decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). To build out the team, it acquired Lil Miquela creator Brud….which could help craft a story of why blockchain-backed communities are the future of monetizing social interaction.

Membership coin
Dapper Labs mainstreamed NFTs with the hugely successful NBA Top Shot, so now it wants to do the same for DAOs.

  • ICYMI: DAOs are blockchain-backed communities where the holders of “tokens” have an ownership stake in the community.
    • Think of it like having both a stock and membership card to your favorite club… but through crypto.
  • Looking to expand, Dapper Labs is launching Dapper Collectives — a branch to help create, operate, and participate in DAOs.
  • The unit will roll out tools to help both independent creators and existing brands launch DAOs.

To get started, Dapper Labs has acquired virtual influencer startup Brud and installed its CEO, Trevor McFedries (who also runs DAO Friends With Benefits), to run the unit.

Brud, help me out
The acquisition of Brud is a huge sign of confidence in McFedries’ multiple virtual experiments. Brud is best known for virtual influencer Lil Miquela, who has amassed millions of followers across social platforms and even signed with CAA for further storytelling opportunities. McFedries’ Friends With Benefits is one of the most popular DAOs in existence, with its tokens having a market cap of $75 million.

Dapper Labs said that it’s not necessarily interested in virtual influencers (but don’t expect Miquela to shut down) but hopes to leverage Brud’s success in “community building and experimentation.” McFedries and his team will focus on building DAO tools on Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain.