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Kittch App to Become Twitch for Cooking, Food Lovers, & Chefs

Kittch keeps the streaming stove on 24/7

Kittch App to Become Twitch for Cooking, Food Lovers, & Chefs

Kittch keeps the streaming stove on 24/7


The Future. Kittch (a Twitch-like platform for chefs and foodies) is preparing for a big public unveiling next year after attracting dozens of award-winning chefs to its platform. After COVID ravaged the restaurant industry, chefs could use Kittch as a backup revenue stream, becoming bonafide digital creators and bringing a worldwide monetizable community to their doorstep.

Always cooking
Michelin-star chefs are about to become the next internet influencers.

  • Kittch, which is currently in beta and has $5 million in seed funding, is a livestream social platform specifically centered around chefs and foodie content like cooking classes, wine tastings, and recipe trials.
  • The app already has over 50 high-ranking chefs (“culinary creators”) participating, including Chris Bianco of Pizzeria Bianco and James Beard-winner Chris Shepard of Underbelly.
  • It also features channels created by high-end cooking and food brands like Domenica Fiore Olive Oil and Made In cookware.

Kittch is free to users but is currently only available to those on the waitlist. The company expects to exit beta by January 2022.

Inventive ingredients
Your first thought might be — other than exposure, why would chefs want to be on this platform? Well, new foodie-centric revenue streams certainly do the trick.

  • Chefs can paywall certain content, experiences, or classes, which users can access via tokens called “clams.”
  • Users can also tip chefs at any point with clams.
  • Chefs can also set up paid VIP private viewings, like a digital Chef’s Table.
  • Brand partnerships are blooming, and e-commerce capabilities are in the works.

And with food and cooking representing a $500 billion market, the nexus between social media and culinary creativity could be a goldmine for Kittch and chefs alike.