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MrBeast packages data and giveaways to sell Feastables chocolate

Courtesy of Feastables

MrBeast packages data and giveaways to sell Feastables chocolate


Future. Feastables, the chocolate company founded by MrBeast, is riding on a sugar-high of success with $10 million in sales in just four months. How’d MrBeast do it? Besides being an internet icon, the YouTuber is an expert at marketing that mirrors his videos — wild stunts and a focus on data. Feastables may be a reminder that creator-driven culinary companies are a safe bet if they reflect the vibe of the creator itself.

Web Wonka
MrBeast (real name Jimmy Donaldson) is able to give out millions of dollars… because nearly everything he does makes millions. Using the same methods he uses to go viral on YouTube, his chocolate brand Feastables has already eaten $10 million in revenue since launching in January, according to Insider.

  • MrBeast puts major emphasis on product and sales metrics, just like how he studies click-through rates and view durations on his videos.
  • He has hosted several sweepstakes and giveaways, including special codes hidden in each candy bar wrapper (that could unlock a prize) or raffling off a Tesla and a lifetime supply of chocolate via Gopuff.
  • And in true Wonka fashion, there was also a chance to compete in MrBeast’s YouTube video to win ownership of a chocolate factory that Donaldson built in his home state of North Carolina.

The way MrBeast markets his chocolate is perfectly in line with the internet persona that he has created for himself — the food is just an extension of the personality his fans are already in love with. Feastables CEO and co-founder Jim Murray, former president of protein bar brand RXBar, says of the stunts: “Every time you engage with Feastables, it’s like a ticket to the spectacle, a ticket to the experience. We want to bring that to his audience, and beyond, on a day-to-day basis.”

And that’s not the only food company that MrBeast has served up. Last year, he launched the ghost-kitchen burger joint MrBeast Burgers… which helped him become the highest-paid YouTuber of 2021.

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