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Reese Witherspoon to bring NFTs to life with film and TV adaptations

Reese Witherspoon // Illustration by Kate Walker

Reese Witherspoon to bring NFTs to life with film and TV adaptations


Future. Actress, producer, book advocate, and crypto head Reese Witherspoon is joining forces with women-led NFT collective World of Women to turn their cryptoart into movies and shows. What that will actually look like is anyone’s guess, but Witherspoon may just be more concerned with showing the storytelling potential of the digital art form.

World of Women Universe
Reese Witherspoon is minting NFTs as the new IP.

  • Her Hello Sunshine banner is partnering with NFT collective World of Women (WoW) to turn its cryptoart into feature films and scripted and unscripted shows.
  • Specifically, the partnership would build out the artwork’s “character world” and “franchise” — made up of 10,000 works by women creators.
  • Additionally, the combined team will host a live event with other women-led NFT collectives that is geared toward educating women on the possibilities of Web3.

Since launching in July 2021, World of Women’s initial NFT collection now sells routinely for six figures, generating over $120 million in trading. Its second collection is expected to drop sometime this year.

Who runs the world?

Witherspoon has been one of the most outspoken celebrities on the coming storytelling (and money-making) possibilities of Web3, crypto, and the metaverse. Seriously, peek her Twitter. And with Hello Sunshine focusing on platforming female voices, a partnership with World of Women is a no-brainer.

While crypto has blown up worldwide, it’s still predominantly a male-oriented market. Twice as many men invest in crypto, and less than 5% of crypto entrepreneurs are women.