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Superfly builds a music festival in Web3

SUPERF3ST // Illustration by Kate Walker

Superfly builds a music festival in Web3


The Future. Superfly is building the first ever music festival on Web3, bringing together NFT holders to decide on every creative aspect of SUPERF3ST. The festival is set to open in 2023 and could prove to be a pilot test in putting power in the hands of fans to program an event that feels cohesive but also out-of-the-box.

Be a fest programmer
According to Billboard, Superfly wants to give fans the chance to make sure that their favorite band plays at its new fest.

  • Superfly (the producers behind Bonnaroo and Outside Lands) is teaming up with Velvet Sea Ventures and Tom Brady’s Autograph to launch SUPERF3ST.
  • The project kicks off with the sale of an NFT collection called SUPERPASS.
  • Each of the 3,000 NFTs (designed by artist Donte Neal) will allow holders to vote on “key decision-making moments” of the festival, including the lineup and merch design.
  • The NFTs will also give holders access to an exclusive Discord server, tickets to the festival, the chance to take part in the fest’s upcoming “Field Trip Program,” and much more.
  • In the future, the NFTs will evolve with new levels to allow for even greater participation in organizing the event.

The NFTs go on sale tomorrow.

Blockchain soundcheck
While SUPERF3ST may be the first festival built from the ground up by a DAO, a few other prominent event destinations are harnessing the power of the blockchain for their next act.

  • Coachella is all-in on the NFT craze, even offering a lifetime pass to the fest via its “Keys” offering.
  • The Weeknd partnered with Binance to bring Web3 capabilities to his current world tour.

Despite the crypto winter, the fact that so many cultural institutions are not just getting in on Web3, but pushing their innovation, shows that the projects that provide a community utility are set to not just survive, but thrive.

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