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The Sandbox CEO details metaverse vision

Illustration by Kate Walker

The Sandbox CEO details metaverse vision


The Future. CEO Mathieu Nouzareth says The Sandbox is built to handle the crypto bear market because the platform was built for a long-term future. The goal, according to Nouzareth, is to compliment real-life instead of replacing it. So it’s possible that The Sandbox can bridge the two realities by rolling out perks that give users bragging rights in both.

Madison Ave. in the metaverse
Nouzareth laid out his vision for The Sandbox in an interview with Insider at NFT.NYC.

  • Gaming is the gateway. Nouzareth says that the reason why The Sandbox stands out from competitors like Decentraland and Sensorium Galaxy is that it uses gaming to draw users into a social world. (Granted, that puts it in competition with RobloxFortnite, and Minecraft).
  • It’s built for long-haul investment. The Sandbox is surviving the crypto winter because it’s not made for get-rich-quick NFT schemes but instead attracts users who believe in the long-term value of holding virtual real estate.
  • It’s all about the brand extensions. The Sandbox has struck deals with everyone and everything from Snoop Dogg to adidas because Nouzareth wants the platform to be the “Manhattan of the metaverse, a concentration of exciting brands and artists — but our vision isn’t to replace reality.”

The Sandbox, a subsidiary of VC firm Animoca Brands, has overseen roughly $350 million in virtual-land transactions. We’re sure those investors are hoping the virtual real-estate market is just as frothy as the real one.

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