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Tom Brady to make more from commentating than from playing

Tom Brady // Illustration by Kate Walker

Tom Brady to make more from commentating than from playing


Future. Tom Brady is moving over to Fox Sports as its lead analyst when he finally retires… and will be making a Brinks truck worth of money for donning a suit instead of a jersey. While Brady is unproven to be a good TV personality, his addition to the Fox Sports rosters may simply prove that even the most traditional of industries have taken some lessons from influencer culture.

Puck reports that Tom Brady recently scored the best deal of his career.

  • Once he officially retires (maybe next year), the NFL superstar will join Fox Sports as its lead football analyst to the tune of $375 million over the next ten years.
    • That’s more than he’s made from 20+ years in the NFL.
  • He’ll also most likely have his hands in other Fox ventures, such as marketing, repping Fox’s sports betting app Fox Bet, and other studio work.

While many industry analysts and media minds don’t believe that Brady will actually make a good analyst — the over-under is that he’s “boring” compared to guys like Tony Romo, Peyton Manning, or Terry Bradshaw — that’s totally beside the point. Puck’s Dylan Byers notes that Former ESPN president John Skipper once said that there is not “a scintilla of evidence that the people in the booth changed the ratings even by a smidgen.”

What Brady does bring is the Brady name. He’s the king of football, and Fox knows that having him under their banner will influence every aspect of their coverage, from ad sales to game-broadcast rights. That may be worth the price alone.

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