The Edit Ldn opens a sneaker shop in Bloktopia

The Edit Ldn is opening the first ever sneaker store in the metaverse.

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The Future. The Edit Ldn is opening the first ever sneaker store in the metaverse. Now that customers can buy any virtual shoe at retail, don’t be surprised if a resale platform like StockX or GOAT opens up a destination to flip those same sneakers.

Step into the metaverse
Input reports that online sneaker marketplace The Edit Ldn plans to cater to sneakerheads in the metaverse.

  • The company is opening a store in the Bloktopia metaverse — a “VR skyscraper with 21 floors to represent Bitcoin’s hard cap of 21 million.”
  • The store is launching with an “Edit LDN” shoe that will act as an NFT that gives holders a virtual shoe and a physical copy.
  • According to Bloktopia CEO Ross Tavakoli, the shoes sold through The Edit Ldn will be interoperable with hundreds of other metaverses.

While The Edit Ldn has only been around for two years, it has already grown its revenue by 525% year over year. It expects to grow another 500% in 2022.

Kick competition
While The Edit Ldn can claim bragging rights for opening the first dedicated sneaker shop in the metaverse, the company has some competition in capturing sales.

  • EQLZ is opening the first sneaker accelerator in the metaverse with “EQLZ Society,” which is offering a virtual and physical sneaker per purchase.
  • Nike’s RTFKT dropped its first virtual and physical sneaker with the artist-driven “Space Drip” collection.

No matter what, sneakerheads now have a lot of options for their avatars.


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