TikTok wants to repeat Billboard’s success

TikTok takes on the music charts

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The Future. TikTok is testing a feature that shows users two charts on music trending on the platform: “Hot 50” and “Viral.” It’s yet another move by TikTok — in addition to rolling out TikTok Music in Brazil and Indonesia, signing artists directly to exclusive deals, and acquiring distribution service SoundOn — that shows the company may see music discovery, streaming, and possibly remixing for user-generated content as the next evolution of the popular platform.

Endless chart
TikTok wants to get in the chart rotation.

  • The “Hot 50” and “Viral” charts exist as a button on top of the song’s sound page, which lets users immediately see where it ranks.
  • There’s also a link to a “TikTok Music Charts” page where users can browse both charts and even select which songs they want to use in a video.
  • But since this is TikTok we’re talking about, the songs are only available in small clips or sped-up versions.

According to Insider, current chart-toppers on the US Hot 50 chart include “Get Off The Wall” by Philly Goats, “Collide” by Justine Skye, and “Peaches & Eggplants” by Young Nudy (featuring 21 Savage).

If the charts move beyond the small-batch testing, expect them to be the lists every artist will want to be on.


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