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The Future. With 100 million users and counting, creators are jumping to Threads to capitalize on the engagement gold rush. That doesn’t mean some creators don’t have trepidation about spending so much time on the platform — the possibility of Threads becoming another flash-in-the-pan like Clubhouse or ByteDance’s Lemon8 may just put the digital creator economy through yet another hype bubble.

Insta, cont.
Threads is presenting creators with some new (to Instagram) ways of influencing their followers and their own anxiety.

  • Since users can import their Insta profile to Threads, creators are able to keep their followers and their verification check marks, making for an easy transition.
  • That’s allowing creators who primarily work in photos or images to give text-based content a try, without having to rebuild their brand.
  • And since Threads is obviously brand-new, early posters may get the benefit of first-mover status, raking in a flood of new followers.
  • But some creators say Thread’s lack of monetization tools may suck up their followers’ Insta time, which could impact revenue. Some have already seen a drop in engagement. 

Nonetheless, Haley Kalil, who has 1.7 million followers on Instagram, dubbed Threads: “Gen Z’s takeover of Twitter.” 

We’re sure new Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino won’t like that quote floating out there as she tries to woo back advertisers.


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