A Tom Hanks deepfake is shilling for dentistry

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The Future. Tom Hanks and Gayle King were both recently the victims of deepfake scams over the weekend. It was only a matter of time before the celebrity deepfakes came out in full force. But with SAG-AFTRA just getting back to the negotiating table with the AMPTP — where tackling the abuses of AI is a central issue — the fraudulent ads may supercharge the union’s AI efforts not just in the contract talks but also in lobbying the government to get more aggressive about protecting digital likeness.

Fake smile
DMCA takedown requests are being put on overdrive in the age of AI.

Ironically, Hanks has been at the forefront of this issue — in both its possibilities and its dangers. He’s starring in Robert Zemeckis’ Here (in which he was de-aged by AI firm Metaphysic), and he became one of the first stars to apply for digital likeness copyright protection through the same company.

He knew his face was too influential to not be used.


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