Twitter Blue drops the brevity

Twitter would like its 280-character limit to become a thing of the past.

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The Future. Twitter would like its 280-character limit to become a thing of the past, introducing a 10,000-character limit that turns tweets into newsletters. But with only 290,000 users signed up for Twitter Blue (about 1% of its overall users), most people may stick to the classic tweet thread.

Essays, on the fly
Twitter Blue doesn’t want subscribers to be short and sweet.

  • Paying subscribers can now post tweets with up to 10,000 characters (up from the change to 4,000 in February) and bold and italicize characters.
  • It also rebranded its paywalled “Super Follows” feature as “Subscriptions,” which Twitter won’t take a cut of the revenue for the next year.

The changes are part of Twitter’s push to become a Substack-like newsletter service (no surprise that Twitter temporarily blocked all things Substack on its platform). Twitter tried to do the same in the past with a Notes feature and its acquisition of Revue… but it looks like Musk would prefer those capabilities to exist right on the main timeline.

Ironically, Substack is trying to become more like Twitter with its own short-form Notes feature. Are we entering a new era of blogging rivalry?


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