Twitter secures the bag after all

Despite doomsday warnings of Twitter’s downfall, the bird app seems to be doing alright after all.

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Twitter secures the bag after all


The Future. Despite doomsday warnings of Twitter’s downfall, the bird app seems to be doing alright after all. The company is reportedly scheduled to run dozens of content sponsorship deals and ads this year. While some may credit Musk with the turnaround, what it might actually reveal is that fears of reputational damage (associated with Elon-era Twitter) may be strong, but the draw of moolah is even stronger.

Bird is the word

Over three dozen news outlets, media companies, and sports leagues are reportedly planning on running content sponsorship deals on Twitter this year.

  • Nearly all major sports leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, PGA Tour, etc.) will be running content deals for regular games and big tournaments.
  • News outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Forbes, Condé Nast, and more are planning for deals around tentpole moments like CES and Pride Week.
  • Entertainment and TV companies (NBCU, Paramount, Disney) will run content alongside award shows, concerts, prime-time TV hits, and more.

The show Musk go on
Last year, many foretold the fall of Twitter when Elon Musk took the helm, and advertisers nearly immediately fled the platform in droves… but it seems that the tables may be turning.

For many, there’s simply too much dough left on the table to ditch Twitter entirely. Deals with participating content partners are lucrative, with opportunities to make incremental revenue on ad buys and monetize targeted video inventory.

As Sara Fischer writes for Axios, there’s “little financial downside” to staying with the platform.

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