Tyler Perry blames Sora for canceled studio expansion

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The Future. Tyler Perry had been planning an $800 million expansion of his Atlanta studio, complete with 12 new soundstages for his many productions… until he witnessed OpenAI’s video-generating tool, Sora. Now, he no longer feels that expansion is necessary. If Perry really does end up leveraging Sora for his productions, other producers may give it a shot if the next Madea film looks like an actual blockbuster.

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Tyler Perry recently had a come-to-AI moment.

  • Perry admitted to THR that he’s recently used AI on two of his films, which kept him from “having to sit through hours of aging makeup.”
  • He alleges that, after playing with the tech, he’s not sure if he wants to expand his studio because Sora may remove the necessity for his shows to build sets or even travel to locations.
  • He says that’ll have major cost-saving benefits for his studio but could also lead to major staff reductions — including fewer actors, crew members, and editors.

While Perry does plan on using the technology, he also stressed that every union — WGA, SAG, DGA, IATSE, etc. — should come together as one (with the help of Washington, D.C.) and figure out a framework to regulate its use to protect jobs.

Ironically, Perry opted out of being a WGA member years ago.

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