TikTok is incubating influencers for Shop

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The Future. TikTok is hoping to crown ecommerce influencers as a way to boost engagement on TikTok Shop — which is doing well for small and medium-sized businesses but still hasn’t caught on with major brands. If TikTok is able to mold talent who’s famous mainly for selling products, those influencers could be best positioned to launch their own brands down the line.

Marketplace ambassadors 
TikTok has started a “Star Creator” team that pinpoints and develops talent that they think could make successful influencers on TikTok Shop, according to Insider.

  • The company is hiring for several open positions, including “star creator manager,” in the US and UK.
  • The team provides influencers with tips on how to optimize their content, connection with brands looking for partnerships, and data on what products are selling the best.
  • TikTok is also tapping third-party agencies and talent coaches to help get training going. Additionally, affiliate creators have access to the newly launched TikTok Shop Academy.

The social star isn’t a new concept for TikTok — the model is already super successful on Douyin (TikTok in China). There, they’re called “key opinion leaders” (or KOLs).

Now comes the billion-dollar question: can what works in the East work in the West? Only time will tell.

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