Vanuatu will argue for its existence at the UN

The island nation of Vanuatu is seeking the UN’s support to penalize those negatively effecting climate.

Together with

The Future. Vanuatu, a small Pacific island country that has been ravaged by climate change and is currently in a six-month-long state of emergency because of extreme weather, may get the UN’s backing on a historic resolution to deliver consequences to those who have a major impact on the climate. While the resolution isn’t law, it could likely be cited in court cases around the world, including the US, and help set legal precedents.

Whose responsibility is it anyway?
Vanuatu’s UN resolution may be the underdog story of the year.

  • Vanuatu will likely secure approval from the UN to get a legal, non-binding advisory opinion on who can weigh in on consequences for countries or organizations responsible for climate change.
  • The resolution would give the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and The Hague a seat at the table to decide the consequences worldwide.
  • The resolution, which has 100 co-sponsors, has gained the support of countries such as the UK, Norway, and Australia.

An official vote is expected to take place on March 29. Its passage would be a massive victory for the movement that started in a law school classroom in Fiji four years ago.


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