TV and movies create our vacation dreams

Gen Z and millennial travelers are flocking to the filming locations of their favorite shows thanks to a popular new trend.

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The Future. Young travelers are choosing their travel destinations based on the impact of shows like The White Lotus and Bridgerton. The “set-jetting” trend is turning filming locales into tourist hot spots. To drive revenue, Hollywood may consider using branded travel activations as a form of post-release marketing.

Reserving fiction
Everyone wants to stay at a White Lotus. According to a new report from American Express…

  • 70% of Gen Z and millennial travelers choose their destinations because of popular TV and movies.
  • That’s barely below the 75% of people who say they travel somewhere after seeing their friends post about it on social media.

On set, on vacation
So, what are the most popular destinations?

  • As mentioned before, filming locations for The White Lotus’ first season — the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, saw its site traffic increase 425%.
  • And there’s the location of The White Lotus’ second season — the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace in Taormina, Italy.
  • The setting of Bridgerton — Bath, England — has seen a boom in tourists who hit up filming locations like Castle Howard.

And because the hotels sell out so quickly, Rebecca Masri, founder of luxury travel company Little Emperors, says that other luxury hotels in those regions have benefited from the demand.


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