Gaming NFTs get some pushback

NFTs are everywhere, but the gaming industry is not totally gung-ho on their inclusion.

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Gaming NFTs get some pushback


Future. NFTs are everywhere, but the gaming industry is not totally gung-ho on their inclusion. While tying gaming to cryptocurrency does present a host of challenges, making sure that the games are undeniably fun (and that they constantly evolve and expand) may be key to keeping a thriving economy within the game alive.

Trouble on the blockchain
Frost Giant Studios’ CEO and co-founder, Tim Morten (StarCraft II), breaks down a few concerns that developers have about the blockchain tech’s takeover of gaming.

  • Play-to-earn games could give players false hope that the game’s economy will grow. Morton says, “Game populations peak and then go down,” meaning the currency could go down with it.
  • Owning a tradeable NFT that users initially purchased seems to go against the gamer ethos of unlocking collectibles through achievements. So, the inclusion of NFTs could actually turn off gamers.
  • When it comes to esports, using cryptocurrency to make tournament payouts leaves no room for error because reversing an incorrect payout would require “rolling back the entire blockchain ledger.”
  • Additionally, any hack or bug to a game’s economy could irreparably damage the game… and the players’ income tied to the game.

Gamer revolt
While there are certainly several game developers who would refute all of these claims, Morton is not wrong in thinking that a large contingency of gamers are skeptical about the crypto invasion. Ubisoft, Take-Two, and even gamer-focused communication platform Discord all either walked back or hedged their NFT plans in the wake of gamer backlash.

That’s not to say that minds cannot be changed, but it may show that some gamers aren’t sold on a culture rife with get-rich-quick speculation.


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