Wayne Enterprises Experiences mix entertainment with luxury retail

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The Future. The Wayne Enterprises Experience wants you (if you’re very rich) to shop for Batman-branded merch as if you were Bruce Wayne himself, exploring a shoppable recreation of Wayne Manor. If the retail experience is successful, studios and streamers may roll out their own versions to tout limited-edition merch collabs, like a shoppable Bridgerton ball.

Batman for sale
The Wayne Enterprises Experience, billed as “a weeklong, invite-only interactive luxury shopping adventure,” per Fast Company, summons shoppers to a tony townhouse in Manhattan.

  • Inside, actors playing Batman buddies Lucius Fox and Alfred Pennyworth, lead shoppers through Wayne Manor, where products — like a $5.2 million car or $55,000 bottle of cognac — are featured in each room and purchasable via a QR code.
  • As you shop (or just gawk at the prices), you’ll also come across antagonists like the Riddler and Catwoman, be sucked into a storyline about an imposter in your group’s midst, and eventually end your experience in the Batcave.
  • Those who didn’t purchase any products on the fly will still get the chance to online — impulse buys are a bit difficult at those price points.

The shopping experience, which is like a mix of luxury retail and immersive activation, was put on by strategic communications and marketing firm Relevance International and was all signed off by Warner Bros.

Expect the studio to take some cues to market the next iteration of The Batman.

David Vendrell

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