YouTube gets gamified

YouTube tests playable games

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The Future. YouTube is potentially getting into gaming, allowing users to play titles right on the platform. While details are scarce, it looks as though the company doesn’t want to get left behind in Netflix’s push to make free games a major part of its subscription offering. But as TikTok and Snap pull back on their gaming ambitions, YouTube may discover that turning viewers into gamers may be an uphill battle without titles people actually want to play.

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YouTube wants to enter the gaming craze… again.

  • The company is reportedly testing an interactive gaming feature on the platform called “Playables.”
  • Users can play games on the YouTube app or through a desktop browser.
  • The only game mentioned so far is Stack Bounce, which The Verge likens to the classic Atari game, Breakout.
  • But be aware that Playables is likely still a long way off from releasing to the public — YouTube isn’t even acknowledging its existence.

Unsurprisingly, Google (which owns YouTube) has been here before. It poured a lot of money into its cloud-gaming platform Stadia, which barely lasted three years.

It’s possible that YouTube has the right brand and community to make Google’s gaming dreams come true finally. So, it’s not Game Over for them yet.


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