Zellerfeld democratizes footwear design and production

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The Future. German footwear brand Zellerfeld, famous for its 3D-printed foam shoes, is giving customers the ability to not just design their own sneakers but also sell them in perpetuity with a great cut of the revenue. The new tool could help kickstart the careers of several new designers, especially as foam sneakers have skyrocketed in popularity.

Open-source soles
Zellerfeld CEO Cornelius Schmitt is dropping what he calls the “YouTube of shoes.”

  • It’s open-sourcing its 3D-printed operations, offering customers the ability to design and create their own shoes.
  • Users pay Zellerfeld a flat fee to have their made-to-order, form-fitting, laceless, foam shoes printed… which have a lifespan of about two years.
  • They can also post their designs on Zellerfeld’s site so that other customers can order them. Designers earn 60% of the profits from purchases.
  • Users can also pay an extra $10 fee to have printings put further in line on the production queue.

Zellerfeld, which has worked with luxury labels like Louis Vuitton and streetwear giants like KidSuper, calls the new platform its latest shot on the brand’s “war in the footwear industry.”

Winning may be all about crafting every customer into an entrepreneur.

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