Zellerfeld crowdsources sneaker designers

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The Future. German 3D-printed footwear startup Zellerfeld, which has already made a splash by collaborating with fashion giants like Louis Vuitton and Moncler, is growing its emerging designer platforms. If the shoes start to make waves, Zellerfeld could turn into the go-to platform for creators looking to expand their influence into fashion in a way that’s simple and affordable.

A fit for everyone
Zellerfeld is trying to democratize sneaker design.

  • Emerging designers can send their sneaker concepts to Zellerfeld’s Discord channel for the brand to consider developing and making.
  • Once the concepts are fleshed out, the shoe is put on Zellerfeld’s site, and the designer pays a discounted price for pairs to use as promotional samples.
  • Custom-fitted orders are printed on demand, with designers receiving 60% of backend royalties from total sales.

Demand overall for its shoes, including those from emerging designers, is so high that orders take up to six weeks to ship. It takes half a day to print one pair — twice as fast as a year and a half ago.

Zellerfeld’s sneakers, which apparently feel like Crocs, are priced between $175 and $370 and already bring in annual revenue in the millions. Now, the brand hopes to leverage that success into the rollout of 100 new designs and Series A funding to put its printing operations into overdrive.

David Vendrell

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