Apple sparks an AI race for iOS

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The Future. Apple is potentially licensing a top generative AI system to be included in the next version of its operating system, with Google the likely winner. There are still kinks to work out — branding, access to personal data, etc. — but a deal would both shift the power in the AI industry and further fuel antitrust investigations into the tie-ups between Apple and Google.

Gemini vs. ChatGPT
Instead of just rolling out its rumored Ajax AI system as part of iOS 18, Apple is looking to its rivals to do the heavy lifting.

  • The company is in talks with Google to bring its Gemini system to iOS devices and has also considered using OpenAI… but the talks with Google seem further along.
  • A deal would bring Gemini to search (Google already pays billions of dollars to be the Safari default) and “be baked into Siri and other apps,” per Bloomberg.
  • Apple would then reserve its own system for “background” capabilities of the operating system that require users’ personal information.

The deal would be a major get for Google, putting Gemini in the hands of billions of people and giving it a boost over OpenAI (and, by proxy, Microsoft).

For Apple, the deal signals that Ajax doesn’t yet measure up to its rivals (Apple was more focused on building a car than a generative AI system up until recently). A licensing agreement gives Apple a strong tool for users… but also gives up some of the vice-grip control that the tech giant typically likes.

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