MrBeast’s reality show is giving out the biggest money prize ever

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The Future. After striking a $100 million deal with Prime earlier this year, MrBeast (real name: Jimmy Donaldson) is launching his first project — the Donaldson-hosted Beast Games. Boasting the biggest cash prize ever from the biggest digital creator, the show may turn into one of Prime’s biggest hits… and lead the streamer to strike more deals with influencers for content that doesn’t sacrifice their voice.

Premium payout
MrBeast is choosing Prime Video over YouTube for his biggest giveaway yet.

  • Like Donaldson’s insanely popular Squid Game parody, Beast Games will put 1,000 contestants through several “fast-paced and high-production” challenges.
  • They’ll be competing for a cash prize of $5 million — “believed to be the largest single payout ever in TV history,” according to Variety.
  • There’s no premiere date yet, but the show will be available to Prime subscribers worldwide.

The most popular YouTuber in the world by a wide margin, MrBeast says that his videos bring in an average of $600 to $700 million per year… the vast majority of which is reinvested back into his videos (how else do you think Donaldson is able to give away so much?).

With the game show, Donaldson is taking his Willy Wonka vibes to new heights.

David Vendrell

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