Gap lets you try virtual drips with Drapr

Gap is suiting up with Drapr.

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Gap lets you try virtual drips with Drapr


Future. Gap is suiting up with Drapr — a startup that makes accurate 3D avatars to help users make sure their clothes fit right before checking out online. As a younger cohort of customers rediscover Gap (thanks Kanye), Drapr may help the company solidify its (once unbelievable) spot on the cutting edge of culture.

Digital dressing room
Gap Inc.’s latest acquisition wants to make sure that the clothes you buy online fit just right.

  • The company has acquired Drapr — a 3D avatar and e-commerce startup.
  • Drapr allows customers to create accurate avatars of themselves to virtually try on clothes.

Gap’s Chief Growth Transformation Officer, Sally Gilligan, says that making sure clothes fit right is the biggest “friction point” for customers shopping online. By taking that out of the equation, customers could feel more comfortable purchasing items they may be on the fence about.

The Drapr acquisition is also the first from Gap’s Strategic Growth Office, which focuses on investments in smaller startups that can “transform” the company’s many brands.


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