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The Future. Apple veterans Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno are set to officially launch their buzzy AI wearable, “Pin AI,” on November 9th. The minimalist, screenless, camera-equipped device magnetically clips to clothing to take in the user’s surroundings and leverages their personal data to be a conversational AI assistant. Competing with several legacy companies and innovative startups for AI wearable-glory, the company hopes to create a new era of computing that’s all about not staring at a screen — which could be the greatest revolution of the race to build AI.

Pin program
Humane envisions a future where we all have AI pinned to our shirts.

  • Pin AI is “about the size of a Saltine cracker, equipped with a camera, a microphone and speaker, a variety of sensors, and a laser projector,” per The Information.
  • The personalized AI assistant can be activated through voice commands or finger taps and send notifications via “haptics, vibrations, and light patterns.”
  • Humane also trademarked the phrase “catch me up,” which prompts the assistant to “deliver a digest of updates gathered from emails, text messages, and calendar invites.”
  • And when it comes to security, Pin AI only turns on when pressed (instead of always being on) and illuminates an indicator light, the “Trust Light,” when the camera is on. 
  • It’ll be able to do all this without smartphone connectivity thanks to its state-of-the-art Qualcomm chip… which makes the rumored $1,000 price tag seem reasonable.

Humane is programming what seems to be an ad-free experience, opting instead for software subscriptions (on top of the base price) and partnerships with brands like Volvo and LG — hinting the technology, which is powered by OpenAI, can soon make its way into other smart devices. It’s the Disney Channel Original Movie Smart House becoming a reality.

Speaking of OpenAI, CEO Sam Altman recently teased he is working on an AI device with Jony Ive — an obvious competitor to Pin AI. That’s a double dose of drama: Altman is the largest shareholder in Humane, and Ive fired co-founder Imran Chaudhri when he was director of design at Apple after reporting he was out of inspiration.

We’re already heating up popcorn to see how the complex rivalries unfold.

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