Taylor Swift dances into the billionaires club

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The Future. Taylor Swift has amassed a fortune of $1 billion, making her one of the few artists to ever hit that milestone from mostly music (and at 33, to boot). That cements Taylor as one of the most lucrative brands (and, yes, she’s a branding queen) in the world — one that’s able to literally influence American economic policy. Considering her album re-recording exercise is still ongoing and she has decades of work still to come, not only will her catalog likely be the first to be worth $1 billion alone, but it may also be a safe bet to expect Swift could become the most successful artist of all time.

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Bloomberg breaks down the TSwift fortune (or, as we call it, “TMoney™”) while taking into account taxes, commissions, and all sorts of costs and fees.

  • Recorded music catalog since 2019: $400 million
  • Ticket sales and merchandise: $370 million
  • Spotify and YouTube earnings: $120 million
  • Value of five personal properties: $110 million
  • Royalties from music sales: $80 million

The massive earnings make perfect sense when Taylor is behind what’s shaping up to be the biggest tour ever ($700 million in ticket sales so far; 89 shows still to go), is re-recording her masters to generate the most value from her catalog (and diminish the value of the masters she doesn’t own), has made lucrative physical media sales and endless merch opportunities a key part of her fandom, and even bypassed the studios to release her concert film (which is a hit).

Or as Alice Enders, head of research at Enders Analysis and a former senior economist at the World Trade Organization, says: “There’s this whole ecosystem she has, and it’s very lucrative for her.”


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