Maggie Rogers brings back the in-person ticket sale

Maggie Rogers made her summer tour presale tickets available to those that came to venue box offices.

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The Future. The first people who could snag presale tickets for Maggie Rogers’ new tour were those who physically showed up to the box office to buy them. Yes, those who waited in an actual line. The amazingly analog alternative to getting tickets may have been Rogers’ way of ensuring she wasn’t the center of another Ticketmaster drama. Losing out on concert tickets to the real person in front of you may now be a breath of fresh air.

Beat the bots
The only way to verify if a ticket buyer is real is to have them get the tickets in person.

  • Last Friday, Maggie Rogers started making her summer tour presale tickets available to those that came to various venue box offices around the country.
  • There was a two-person limit, but you could buy tickets from any price tier.
  • Additionally, she made exclusive merch and a “special playlist” available because she knew this was for hardcore fans.

For those in NYC, Rogers showed up at the box office at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, making the wait truly worth it for her fans.

But for those that couldn’t take the time out of their day to wait in a real, flesh and blood line for tickets (in 2023!), the online presale goes up tomorrow.


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