Snap Map could become the Yelp of Gen-Z

Snapchat is rolling out new recommendation features on its in-app Map.

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Snap Map could become the Yelp of Gen-Z

The Future. Snapchat is rolling out new recommendation features on its in-app Map, allowing users to source hot spots and share with friends. Thanks to savvy partnerships, Snap may be on the cusp of creating an interactive, gamified version of Yelp for a new generation.

Recommendation destination

Snap Maps is leaving a mark.

  • Snap is adding a new feature to its in-app Map that will surface popular places that may interest users.
  • The Map will also list places — like bars or restaurants — that a user or a user’s friends have visited, tagged, or favorited.
  • It essentially turns Snap Map into a “highly personalized discovery platform,” according to an insider at Snap.

That discovery ethos is complemented by the company’s recent partnerships with Ticketmaster and the restaurant-review platform The Infatuation.

Snap it

With Snap counting 293 million daily users, the new Map functionality has a lot of goodwill to become Gen-Z’s version of Yelp. Users would be able to source recommendations from friends automatically, while also looking up restaurant details within the same platform.

And with Snapchat rolling out 3D Bitmoji avatars functionality for its users, these may soon populate the Map as well to let users see where others are hanging out. Prepare to never have privacy again.


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