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A mansion goes up for sale in Beverly Hills… and in the Decentraland metaverse

BH Meta House // Illustration by Kate Walker

A mansion goes up for sale in Beverly Hills… and in the Decentraland metaverse


Future. The first home to allegedly go on sale with a duplicate in the metaverse just dropped in Beverly Hills. Dubbed the BH Meta House, the home is available with a counterpart in Decentraland for a small fee (relative to the asking price for the physical house). With metaverse adoption slowly growing, expect many luxury estates to follow a similar strategy so buyers know they’re covered… no matter what reality they’re in.

Living double
Considering how insane the housing market is right now, there may be no better deal than getting two homes for (almost) the price of one.

  • THR reports that a five-bedroom Spanish-style home in Beverly Hills is going up for sale for $9.418 million (okay, not a great deal for most).
  • It comes with a duplicate home also available in Decentraland for an additional $100,000 — a package called the BH Meta House
  • The Decentraland property is on a 2×2, four-parcel lot, and the owner will be able to furnish it (we hope), display NFTs (if that’s your thing), and interact with virtual guests (just like a real home!).
  • The prospective owner doesn’t have to buy the virtual double (but what’s another 100 grand anyway?). If they decline, they’ll simply receive an NFT of the house.

The home, called the BH Meta House, is listed through Nourmand & Associates, and the metaverse house was developed by LEDY, which is also behind several luxury resorts in both Decentraland and The Sandbox.

Meta flex
This isn’t the first time that a home has been put up for auction with a metaverse counterpart. Back in January, Sotheby’s announced that it had teamed up with Voxel Architects and contractor Gabe Sierra to build a home in Miami — the “MetalReal” mansion — with a double in The Sandbox. That one wasn’t expected to be completed until Q4 this year, so it looks like the BH Meta House beat them to the punch.

But the real winner here is Snoop Dogg, who was the true first-mover after he recreated his real-life mansion in The Sandbox and then announced plans to launch the “Snoopverse.”

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