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Kanye West Opens 'Donda Academy' School Named After His Mom

Kanye to open Donda Academy

Kanye West Opens 'Donda Academy' School Named After His Mom
Donda Academy // Illustration by Kate Walker

Kanye to open Donda Academy


The Future. Kanye West is opening up a school (yes, a school) in California in honor of his mother. The Donda Academy has already recruited top high school basketball players from around the country, and Kanye may potentially be making school tuition-free. With the expansion into education, Kanye has a chance to experiment with the magnet school of the future if he collabs with some real-deal educators.

Early Registration

He’s already dropped million-making merch, a music-remix player, and, of course, a (quite long) album, but Kanye’s not done with Donda.

  • Kanye plans to open Donda Academy in California.
  • Like the album, the school is named after his mom, and has a mission statement of “finding the intersection between faith and the innovation of the future.”
  • It will also have multiple “pathways,” meaning it could be a magnet school. Imagine a Kanye-taught music-producing class…

The rumor is that admission will have no cost, and prospective students can already sign up for consideration.

Before Graduation

Even though there is very little known and nothing yet built for Donda Academy, it’s already recruited several top high school basketball stars, such as Jalen Hooks, Robert Dillingham, and Jahki Howard, to transfer to the academy and play for the school’s team. But here’s the real crazy part: Kanye DM’ed them on Instagram to recruit them.

To no one’s surprise, adidas will supply the jerseys, shoes, and other apparel. Now just get Gap to provide letterman jackets.