ChatGPT plugs into the internet

OpenAI is augmenting the capabilities of ChatGPT with a variety of new plug-in features, granting it the ability to draw data from the internet and so much more.

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The Future. OpenAI is massively expanding what ChatGPT is capable of with new plug-in features that allow it to do things like pull information from the world wide web and even book trips for you. Basically, OpenAI could soon be your personal assistant. But, as the kinks are worked out, expect some strange criminal and civil cases to come about because of ChatGPT coming up with creative ways to fulfill its human masters’ wishes.

Update to update
ChatGPT is about to get a whole lot more powerful.

  • The chatbot’s “Browsing” plug-in will allow it to pull information from all over the internet, instead of just the data sets it was trained on (the info only went through 2021).
  • It also has plug-ins for 11 sites, including Expedia, OpenTable, and Instacart — which enables ChatGPT to plan and book a trip or find a restaurant and make reservations.
  • It has a retrieval plug-in, so you can ask ChatGPT to source docs, emails, etc., for specific elements by just asking it to.

The plug-ins are only available to a small pool of users, but a waitlist is already up.

AI, take the wheel
The plug-ins are a huge step forward for the power of ChatGPT… but come with some major pitfalls.

  • While the “Browsing” plug-in expands ChatGPT’s knowledge pool, it may do so too much. Not even Google gives users access to every low-quality site available.
  • The site plug-ins are a time-saver, but you’re also empowering AI to make big decisions for you. The chatbot has already proven it’ll go to problematic lengths to follow demands.

OpenAI promises that it has “implemented several safeguards” to control ChatGPT, but only user experimentation will prove how successful those are.


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