Digital creators get their own IMDb

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The Future. The Creators Guild of America (CGA) hopes to piece together the potentially millions of people involved in making some of the biggest hit videos on the internet with a new platform called “Mosaic.” Once the database becomes populated, it may become a key tool for BTS talent to score jobs outside of their personal network.

Viral and accredited
Influencers are getting a new kind of “verified” check mark.

  • Mosaic will allow creators to register and verify their work, recognizing distinct titles such as “Creator,” “Writer,” “Videographer,” “Editor,” and “Producer.” (Registrants can select up to three).
  • Once a person registers their participation on a project, the CGA will reach out to other members of the team to verify — a process the CGA says will take a couple of days.
  • Eligible videos for accreditation must be paid work from a platform, brand, agency, or subscriber base and must be distributed on an approved list of apps.
  • Creators must also have 10,000 or more combined impressions, downloads, or registered users to be verified. Oh, and forget about videos that violate copyright as being eligible.

Why the hard work to give everyone the credit they deserve? Daniel Abas, founder and president of the Creators Guild, told Fast Company that the time has come because “this is turning into a serious profession.”

No kidding.

David Vendrell

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